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CN-101703364-A: Coffee-making method patent, CN-101703821-A: Cavity mirror or chamber coating injection device patent, CN-101703880-A: 一种电厂烟道气脱硫脱碳一体化净化系统 patent, CN-101704347-A: 防爆运油车 patent, CN-101704354-A: 一种车用后视镜系统 patent, CN-101705289-A: 奶山羊ghrhr基因的单核苷酸多态性及其检测方法 patent, CN-101706169-A: Thermoacoustically-driven thermally-coupled two-stage pulse tube cooling system patent, CN-101707062-A: 一种纳米银粉及其制造方法及其应用 patent, CN-101707342-A: 一种电缆头 patent, CN-101707346-A: Switch controller patent, CN-101707851-A: Circuit and method for interconnecting data signals patent, CN-101708094-A: 弹性可连续调节的弹簧床垫 patent, CN-101708391-A: 厢式压滤机滤板 patent, CN-101708471-A: 氧化锌/氧化亚铜纳米异质结光催化材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-101709049-A: Method for extracting L-tryptophan patent, CN-101709189-A: 一种高耐候性抗沾污弹性氟碳拉毛涂料及其制造方法 patent, CN-101709528-A: 平板凸轮圆织机的平板凸轮 patent, CN-101710020-A: 振动台功放自检方法及装置 patent, CN-101710881-A: 在聊天室中实现悄悄话的方法及系统 patent, CN-101712402-A: Rubbish compressor patent, CN-101712898-A: Industrial briquettes and preparation process thereof patent, CN-101713400-A: Tooth-shaped screw rod with strict sealing and approximate dynamic balance patent, CN-101713864-A: High aperture lens with an obscured pupil patent, CN-101715365-A: Photocatalytic composition for anti-reflection and the glass substrate coated with the composition patent, CN-101715475-A: 具有高遮盖力、提高的耐刮擦性以及易清洁性能的经着色的涂料组合物 patent, CN-101715657-A: 用于电子设备的热管理系统 patent, CN-101715781-A: Mixed insecticide of pymetrozine and imidaclothiz patent, CN-101715821-A: Acidophilus milk and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101715925-A: Dry type pickled bean curd and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101716368-A: 用于骨组织修复的多孔钛人工骨及其制备方法 patent, CN-101716724-A: Flexible production line monitoring system patent, CN-101716757-A: Dual-purpose pipe wrench patent, CN-101716818-A: Multi-servomotor energy-saving hydraulic circuit patent, CN-101717109-A: 一种杏鲍菇培养料 patent, CN-101717858-A: 从多金属黑色页岩共生矿中提取钼镍钒铁的方法 patent, CN-101718403-A: Led device patent, CN-101718996-A: 一种全天候自适应双轴太阳能跟踪系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-101719060-A: Memory-aid software design method patent, CN-101719465-A: Method for manufacturing silicon substrate GaN-based semiconductor material patent, CN-101720155-A: 一种旋转灯具及其复位控制电路 patent, CN-101720577-A: 玉米秸秆还田旋耕机 patent, CN-101721156-A: 多功能快速搓背机 patent, CN-101721388-A: micro-capsule containing vitamin d3 patent, CN-101721602-A: 一种治疗猪无名高热综合症的兽药 patent, CN-101722243-A: Method for expansion copper pipe patent, CN-101722665-A: Stamping machine patent, CN-101723080-A: Float-ball self-closing discharge valve and application thereof patent, CN-101723829-A: 一种1,4-二乙酰氧基-2-氧杂丁烷的合成方法 patent, CN-101723875-A: Light trigger patent, CN-101724704-A: High-sensitivity pyrosequencing reaction liquid and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101725771-A: Nano antibacterial PP-R composite pipe and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101725857-A: 一种led灯泡 patent, CN-101726136-A: 两段式膨胀冷却系统及其蒸发器 patent, CN-101726992-A: Exposure mask for forming a photodiode and method of manufacturing the image sensor using the exposure mask patent, CN-101727861-A: 具输出缓冲器的源极驱动电路 patent, CN-101728237-A: Jetspray nozzle and method for cleaning photo masks and semiconductor wafers patent, CN-101729019-A: 电动机驱动装置及电动机驱动方法 patent, CN-101729048-A: 延时电路 patent, CN-101729174-A: Method for realizing digital mobile broadcast service, mobile terminal and system patent, CN-101731413-A: Method for processing edible fungus straw mushroom succades patent, CN-101732568-A: Chinese medicinal oral liquid for treating cancer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101733036-A: Agitating device bottom of which is provided with special-shaped baffle plates patent, CN-101733236-A: Servocontrol plunger pump feeding system and full automatic hollow glass sealing machine patent, CN-101733369-A: Casting compound inoculation strengthening technology patent, CN-101734468-A: 传送装置 patent, CN-101736174-A: 一种铝铒合金导线的制备工艺 patent, CN-101736212-A: Heat treatment method of aluminum-based composite material with corrosion resistance, high strength and high modulus patent, CN-101736540-A: 直驱式马达的缝纫机机构散热装置 patent, CN-101737784-A: Method for mixed burning of agriculture and forestry waste, sludge and household garbage by using grate furnace patent, CN-101738993-A: 一种重矿控制器 patent, CN-101738996-A: Goods selecting and picking device patent, CN-101738998-A: System and method for monitoring industrial process based on local discriminatory analysis patent, CN-101739018-A: Processing method for fitting and sampling telemetry data of data acquisition and monitoring control system patent, CN-101739090-A: 通风板结构 patent, CN-101739172-A: Apparatus and method for touching behavior recognition, information processing apparatus, and computer program patent, CN-101739333-A: 应用程序的调试方法、调试工具及调试装置 patent, CN-101740115-A: 半导体存储装置及其读取访问方法 patent, CN-101740721-A: Substrate modification-based method for preparing anisotropic organic field effect transistor patent, CN-101741172-A: 混合动力系统 patent, CN-101741396-A: Method and device for coding or decoding low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with variable code length, coder and decoder patent, CN-101741425-A: Frequency spectrum optimization method, device and system patent, CN-101742371-A: 一种抑制风噪声的麦克风 patent, CN-101742404-A: 一种通信方法和通信系统 patent, CN-101742612-A: 保存邻区关系信息的方法、装置及演进基站 patent, CN-101742675-A: 实现多种信源接入的装置 patent, CN-101742962-A: 生体阻抗测定用躯体部装戴单元以及体脂肪测定装置 patent, CN-101743222-A: Process for oxidizing alkylaromatic compounds patent, CN-101743417-A: Threaded joint with resilient seal ring patent, CN-101743494-A: 光纤熔接机 patent, CN-101744053-A: Hawthorn milky tea and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101744094-A: 一种改性浓缩蛋白的生产方法 patent, CN-101745113-A: Application of statin substance in preparation of fatty liver prevention drug patent, CN-101745119-A: 羧酸类药物-多糖偶联物及其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-101745596-A: 搭接件预埋螺母的压铆工具 patent, CN-101746616-A: Single-ended anchor chain driving roll friction mouse cage-shaped rotor type dumper set patent, CN-101747775-A: 7.5BG 6/2.4 pigment composite, sample for Chinese architectural color card and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101747998-A: 利用废植、动物油脂制作蜡烛的方法 patent, CN-101748151-A: Recombinant human hepatitis C virus antigen adenoviral vector and applications thereof patent, CN-101748276-A: Process for extracting, separating and purifying Ag, Au, Pd and Pt patent, CN-101748670-A: 丁字路口地下全互通机非立交桥 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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